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17 September 2017

Blockchain for Good : Training and Ideation

Written by basile

We believe empowering citizens and social-entrepreneurs with disruptive technologies is key to build innovative solutions against the XXI century challenge. That is why MakeSense partnered with Berlin-based N3xtCoder to set-up the first Blockchain for social-impact Workshop in France. 

6 weeks after the first european Inspiration conference on Blockchain for Good, MakeSense pushed the engagement a step further : now, it’s time to take actions and to build solution folks !

After 3 hours of training on the Blockchain basics, the groupe of 15 passionate change-makers was given tailored-tools to ideate in small groups.

When we started in the morning, I didn’t have a clue about the Blockchain and 7h later we designed a solution to facilitate medicines traceability !

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Blockchain for Good : Training and Ideation
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